Who we are ?


Founded in 1989 by one of the prestigious Tunis Bar advocacy competition, we are a dynamic law office, leader in the delivery of reward solutions in the area of corporate law, investment consultancy, international private law, maritime transportation, transactions and negotiations in various fields.

We aim to deliver high-quality legal services to our clients, with personal touch at every stage, from advice to litigation. Our team lawyers combines expertise and efficiency in order to provide cost effective legal solutions for our clients of international companies which range from start-ups to long-established groups.

With J C , you think global.

Focus Areas:

Tailoring your needs


Commercial law/ international business law

Merger and acquisitions

Bankruptcy law

Corporate law

Insolvency and corporate recovery

Criminal proceedings in corporate matters


Banking law

Drafting and negotiating contracts

Credit and security

Real estate

Competition law / distribution law

Unfair competition and practices behaviour

Commercial contracts, distribution contracts, franchises

General civil law

IT and Media law

Counterfeit of trademarks, protection IP rights, new technologies

Publishing, Copyright protection

Maritime law: our office is mostly required by well known shipping companies based in the most important ports of Tunisia. A vast number of our clients that have made use of our legal services within the last ten years are quiet satisfied with our partnership.

Services overview

What will we provide you with?


J C offers a range of services that will enhance a general good governance of your companies. Alongside traditional legal support, you are able to determine on your own partnership convention, the specific services and tools of understanding your business strategy. If you’d like to know more about the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact one of our English-speaking lawyers.

Legal support for companies




Negotiating and drafting contracts








Debt collection- insolvency litigation



Legal support for Companies

We prefer to provide legal support that are specifically targeted at special corporate entities, according to their respective state of development and size.

J C offers the opportunity to have an appropriate support service, easy to access. Based on a collaboration agreement, it ranges from the provision of information, advice, specific SME training services, to litigation proceedings.

We apply a narrow definition of the concept “support” according to the characteristics of your business. We invite you to developing together procedure and terms of reference that determine the involvement of both of us in your day-to-day business organisation.

Principal Corporate/clients entities of interest:


Small and micro enterprises SME


Sole proprietorship

Corporations and international groups


Public authorities and semi public organisations


Co-operations between Chambers of commerce.

Sectors of focus


Communication, bio-agriculture and fisheries, tourism, all manufacturing sectors, construction/real estate, Business services, mining and energy, maritime transportation.

Technology and innovative enterprises receive particular attention in our special legal support services.

How to contact us?


We make the efficiency our first concern, to give you a deep overview on how our team operates on your behalf. We apply regular follow ups with our customers, via direct contacts; mailing, personal visits to enterprises, presentation on trade fairs…


Given the methodologically profound background of our lawyers, conducted at different law disciplines, we should give you a good indication of both, legal and financial keys in Tunisia.

We make sure to provide you a descriptive and analytical overview of existing national, international rules and conventions. Customers gain a thorough understanding of global business governance, based on analysis of social, political, legal and environmental issues.

Models of Contracts

We provide you with agreements, contracts, or conventions on the basis of standardised closed patterns, which underline the general identification of your needs. We also provide tailor-made agreements, which allow for a detailed assessment of the needs of different clauses, and take account of the particularity of your operations, phase of the transactions developing, and phase of the life cycle of your enterprise, including the period of crisis and the transfer of business.


Every lawyer in our team is specialised in certain subject areas in order to strengthen our legal approach while gaining depth across the variety of legal sub-disciplines.

We prepare documents of straightforward nature, and provide basic legal advice on foreign investment in Tunisia. Consulting could be before and during proceedings, or in the conducting of lawsuits.

Training services

We could attend internal meetings in your enterprises in order to foster continuous improvement of the professional environment, through applying different business and legal managerial training schemes. This should further any misunderstanding within your business organisation.


There is no need to disclose confidential matters in open court. And that is where we come in.

Our mediator is Me. Karim BOULAABI. He‘s a senior trial lawyer with national and international proficiency in the field of mediation. Through participating in a vast majority of mediation cases in commercial and maritime transportation disputes, he has developed a deep understanding of the methods involved in this highly technical field.


Arbitration is another form of alternative dispute resolution we offer. Instead of the time-consuming and costly litigations in the courts, it’s most commonly in the business society to use arbitration. Our office is familiar with all relevant provisions in the Tunisian legislation concerning arbitration, as well as all international conventions on the subject, ratified by Tunisia. Privacy and Speed are our concerns.

Your partner in debt collection

We apply dynamic out-of-court proceedings, to avoid long lasting and unsecured litigations in order to come to a payment of your debtor. The basic problem in practice of debt collection is to have all relevant information to your disposal. We check for information at different sources, we make correspondence with debtors, negotiations and dunning letters with deadlines for payment. We need all relevant documents concerning the legal events. In case our attempts don’t lead to success, the client has the option to engage our office for court proceedings.

It’s important when taking a legal action in Tunisia, to present all facts of the case in detail. Courts are more focused on written evidences, than any possible witness of person.

Successful fees are not legal in Tunisia. Our fees are identified according to the conducting of the proceedings, or the contract itself. It’s possible to find an agreement with the client and work without any retainer fees. It depends on the agreed option you choose. We will give you further details on your request.

Pease note that in the average legal cases, debtor doesn’t pay voluntarily in spite of the passing of the sentence. The judgement has to be enforced by special execution proceedings, which are commonly the matter of the creditor.


We apply regularly evaluations and follow ups with you of lawsuits, debt recovery procedures, buy agreements, contract patterns…


Costs are identified according to the collaboration agreement for a period of one year. However, it has to be noted that due to some complex proceedings and lawsuits in the Tunisian court System (final court of appeal, council of State, Audit court, Administrative courts, and travel expenses), the fixed costs represent only a fraction of all support services.

Please note that you may be given an estimate on your request.

Our lawyers:

1/ Me. Boulaabi, Karim

Member of the Tunis Bar

Admitted to the practice in 1989.

Postgraduate law degree in private law

Doctorate in Civil law.

Maitre BOULAABI doctor of law, specialises in civil,commercial and maritime law. He focuses also on international contracts, arbitration, mediation, insolvency, Real Estate, construction and transports law.

Tel:+216 71 962 708 / GSM:+216 22185988 or +216 98336572 or +216 55 15 06 66 /55 185 989

Fax: +216 71 963 582

Contact: the senior lawyer

Mail : boulaabikarim@yahoo.fr

Address: Rue du Lac Léman- Rés.Prima-PC 34- les berges du Lac.1053, Tunis(ia).

2/NAIMI Abdeljalil

3/DRIDI Wassila

4/BEDHIEF Fekria

5/Nsir Sonia : sollicitor

Juris-consult in French and Tunisian matters , such as corporate law, employment law, labor law ( contracts, dismissal…)

Address: Rue du Lac Léman- Rés.Prima-PC 34- les berges du Lac.1053, tunis(ie).